Who runs this shop?

The shop is run by me, the artist. All prints are produced at ESF Fine Art Fotomanufaktur in Munich, Germany and approved, signed, packaged and shipped directly from my studio in Berlin. 

Do the prints have a 3D element to the brush stroke?

Surprisingly, I get asked this question a lot! But these are indeed flat prints on matt fine art paper. The print gives off the illusion of being 3D due to the way the original painting was photographed, but it is nice to know that the effect is so convincing.

What's the difference between the open edition and limited edition prints?

The open edition prints are signed and titled. They are fine art prints of paintings in the "Brushstrokes in Time" series, that were never initially released as limited edition prints. These prints are periodically restocked.

The limited edition prints are signed, titled and numbered. They are printed on a higher quality 100% cotton matte 308gsm Hahnemühne Photo Rag paper. The first orders placed will receive the lowest numbered editions. Once this limited edition run is sold out, it will never be reprinted again. The highly limited quantity helps to add value to your investment in my work. If you don't want to miss out on any new releases, subscribe to my mailing list.

Where can I purchase an original painting?

New paintings available for purchase will be released by myself or showcased in selected galleries. People who are subscribed to my mailing list will receive an early preview. I don’t release many paintings as I want to ensure that I put all my heart and energy into each piece. Please understand that I don’t take on commissions or recreate paintings from the past, as each painting is one of a kind.

Paintings in the Miniature Collection are exclusively being auctioned off on the Instagram page @david_auctions. Under every new post on the page, you can comment your bid until the auction ends. The winner with the highest bid is chosen and contacted via Instagram DM. You can keep up with new auctions by enabling post notifications for my auction page.

How is my print packed and shipped?

Each print is individually packed in a protective sleeve and rolled into a sturdy, square shipping tube.

Orders within Germany will be shipped with DHL Paket. International orders will be shipped with UPS. You will receive tracking information after the order has been shipped out. Please head to the Shipping page for shipping costs and delivery time estimates.

Please note: International shipping costs for non-EU countries do not include the destination’s duty, tax or customs fees. If applicable, these will be assessed upon delivery. We cannot and will not falsely report on an item’s value to help you avoid these fees. Since the consequences of Brexit are now in effect, UK customers will also be subject to these charges. We also have to enforce a minimum order value of 160€ for the time being for all UK customers due to post-Brexit tax regulations.

Please double check your shipping address. You will be charged an additional shipping fee and an extra handling charge if we have to resend an order that was sent back to us due to an incorrect address or if an order was not picked up after receiving notice.

Print Care Instructions

If you have received your print, please unpack it as soon as you can. It should not be kept in the tube longer than it needs to be.

To best re-flatten the print, first find a clean, flat surface. Gently unroll your print, be sure to keep it completely covered by its sleeve and let it slowly unfold itself. If the print is still curled, carefully place a board or large books over the entire surface. Let it sit for 1-2 days. At this point, it should be flat enough to have it framed.

If removed from its sleeve, be careful to only handle the edges and avoid touching the ink, especially dark parts on the surface. Because of the dense nature of giclée prints, ink is prone to show fingerprints and scuff easily. In order to keep your print in pristine condition, try not to remove the print from its sleeve until it is ready to be framed.

How do I frame my print?

For custom framing you should seek out a professional framer. If you want to frame the print yourself with a customized frame, we recommend to wait until your print arrives to check measurements, as the exact sizing can vary slightly due to the individual cutting process. Alternatively, we've seen many collectors use bigger frames with a suitable passepartout. Here is a great example.
It’s best to avoid hanging your framed image in direct sunlight, as UV-rays can fade an image no matter it’s archival quality. If you’d like extra protection, you can ask your framer for museum glass. This specially coated glass virtually eliminates reflections, blocks most UV-rays and preserves the original colors for a long time.

Damaged Shipment

Keep all original packing materials as they may be needed for insurance investigation purposes. Email david@brushstrokesintime.com to let us know about any damage as soon as possible. Please include pictures if you can. We’ll be in touch with next steps.